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Call Canada from the USA & Canada for 1.7¢ ⁄ min. Advertised minutes available on first call only using local access number, see disclaimer below.

Landline 1.7¢ â„ MINUTE
Cell 1.7¢ â„ MINUTE
$5 295 min 295 min Buy Minutes
$10 590 min 590 min Buy Minutes
$20 1180 min 1180 min Buy Minutes

Disclaimer: Use a local access number to enjoy Dollar Phone Calling Card's lowest rates.

  • Calls are billed in 1-minute increments
  • When using an 888 access number please add: 2¢/min for calls originated from the continental USA/Canada and US Virgin Islands, 3¢/min from Hawaii or Puerto Rico, and 20¢/min from Alaska
  • Calls made via payphones are subject to a $0.99 fee
  • The domestic call rate is $0.015 per minute (plus 800-888 access and payphone fees if applicable)
  • International calls made to cell phones are billed at higher rates
  • Rates are subject to change without notice



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Regional Rates

Destination Landline Cell
Greenland 55.6¢ 55.6¢
Mexico 3.3¢ 5.0¢
St Pierre 28.8¢ 28.8¢
United States 1.7¢ 1.7¢